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Image messaging application that allows you to send/receive multimedia messages over the internet.


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Overview Snapchat

Snapchat is a revolutionary free instant messaging application that allows you to send and receive photos, images and short, temporary video messages that last a maximum of ten seconds before they can never be viewed again*. In addition to the video messages, Snapchat users can send and receive text and audio files through the dedicated snap and can post ‘Stories’ for all of their followers to see at the same time. Users can also apply several, constantly updated filters and effects to their photos and videos as well as overlay text.


Snapchat is a completely free application to download, no matter what platform or device you are downloading to.


For iPhone users: iOS download

For Android users: Android download

Installing the WhatsApp application on your smartphone or tablet is easy when you follow this step-by-step guide:

Step 1 – Open your respective app store on your smartphone or tablet, for example, Google Play, iTunes App Store…

Step 2 – In the search bar in your App Store, type ‘Snapchat’ and press Search

Step 3 – Select the Snapchat page from the results and tap the download/install button on the screen

Step 4 – Click through the options to install (update) the application, as you would normally install an app

Step 5 – Once you have downloaded the app, locate the Snapchat icon in the menu screen of your device

Step 6 – Open the application and follow through the registration screens, inputting your required personal information including your phone number and your name, as well as accepting the Terms & Conditions

Step 7 – Your Snapchat account is set up and ready to use!

Specifications (OS, Versions)

Available Operating Systems & latest Versions:



Blackberry: Unsupported

Windows Phone: Unsupported

Symbian: Unsupported


The weight of the application on devices varies from device and operating system and will also depend on the version you are trying to download.
For iOS users, the current download will use up around 203MB of initial space, with Android users requiring on average around 60.91MB.


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Tips and tricks you can use while using the Snapchat application to streamline your experience and maximise your usage of the app.

  • Known as World Lenses, many people know that if you hold your finger down on your face on the screen of the front-facing camera (selfie), you can apply a range of daily updated filters and effects. Many users are unaware that you can do the same for the rear-facing camera
  • Users can draw on their images with emojis by clicking on the ‘Pen Drawing Tool’ located in the top right-hand corner and selecting the ‘Star’ at the bottom of the drop-down menu.
  • For easier and faster functionality, while recording a video, users can swipe on the screen whilst recording to zoom in. For quick switching between the front and the rear camera of your smart device, simply double tap the screen.
  • You can use more than one filter on a Snapchat image or video. Simply apply and enable one filter by tapping and holding down on the screen with one finger and swiping with a second to cycle through what you would like the second filter to be.
  • When watching and browsing through your follower’s stories, simply swipe up to instantly message that user.
  • To restrict Snapchat’s data usage, head to the Settings menu, click ‘Manage’ and turn ‘Travel Mode’ on.
  • Sometimes, you may find a little symbol or emoji next to commonly used users in your Snapchat account. You can read the descriptions of these emojis, and customise them in the ‘Manage’ menu.
  • Snapchat has a trophy feature section which is located above your Snapcode. These trophies can be found in your Trophy Case and are unlocked by completing certain activities or tasks within the app.
  • Despite Snapchat being famous for its temporary messages, by tapping and holding down your finger on a chat bubble, you will be given the option to save the message for later. After reading the message later, simply tap and hold again to allow the message to be deleted. It’s worth noting that the user will be notified if you save a message.
  • Snapchat support group chats! Simply select the users you want to join the group chat and send your message. You can also customise the name of the group chat.
  • Just as you can scan another Snapchat users QR code, you can use Snapchat to scan any QR code and it will open the relevant website address or link.
  • In most cases, Snapchat will delete all messages, photos and videos after ten seconds of being opened. You can stop them from being deleted by activating Infinity Mode. These messages will stay on your recipient’s phone until they exit the conversation.
  • You can build up the total number of days you have consistently Snapchatted another user, known as a Snapstreak. This is the number shown next to their username. An hourglass figure means that your streak is about to run out!
  • The Snapchat application will not notify you if a user unfollows or unfriends you. To find out for yourself, simply click on that user’s name and look for their Snapscore. If there’s no score, the user doesn’t follow you.
  • You are still able to send Snaps and stories to your follower’s, even if you have no signal or no data connection. Simply take the Snap how you normally would and the Snap will send/upload when you reconnect to an internet connection.


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Available Features

  • Send and receive photos and images to other connected users that last a maximum of 10 seconds before being permanently deleted
  • Post a photo or video into your ‘Story’ for all users to see. These Snaps last 24 hours.
  • Keep up-to-date with news and current affairs from your favourite media channels
  • Apply filters and effects to your photos and videos to make communication fun!
  • Send instant, real-time text messages to followed users
  • Fully supporter group chat functions
  • Store ‘Memories’ from previously posted stories
  • Add special ‘Geofilters’, only available depending on your location
  • Record video and take photos on both rear and front-facing cameras
  • Cross platform functionality
  • Add other users quickly using QR add function
  • Collect trophies and achievements for completing certain tasks in the app
  • Manage your contacts including mute, add and block features
  • Receive push notifications when user has screenshotted your photo or video or re-read a message
  • Explore new media channels using the Discover Stories feature
  • Edit and customise photos and videos with emojis
  • Edit and customise photos and videos with ink brushes and colours
  • Score highly on Snapstreaks, rewarded for daily interactions with other users

Desired Features

  • Increased optimisation on some devices
  • Lower memory usage that causes battery drain on some devices
  • Application optimising for example, disabling location services to use filters
  • Some bug and glitch fixes experienced on some devices
  • Landscape mode



  • Allows you to seamlessly interact and communicate with people around the world in a visual way
  • Cross platform functionality
  • Secure and encrypted servers that protect your Snaps and personal information
  • Revolutionary and fun way to communicate using photos and videos
  • Market-leading privacy settings that notify users when other users have read, sent and screenshotted Snaps.
  • Minimal design user interface that optimises screen space


  • Layout and user interface can be a learning curve to use for some users
  • Customised usernames that can make adding friends difficult
  • No separate business features meaning businesses must heavily promote to gain followers and cannot keep content up for more than 10 seconds/24 hours
  • No option to use the application in landscape mode


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  1. Patience Zuma • June 16, 2017 @ 8:44 am

    Great app, more visual than typical messenger apps. Has it’s limitations though

  2. Nompilo Mnisi • June 16, 2017 @ 8:47 am

    Unnecessary app

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