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WhatsApp is the world’s most popular instant messenger service, used by 1.2 Billion users worldwide. The platform works through the Internet, allowing smartphone users to send and receive messages through Wi-Fi connections and 3/4G, whereas previously, network signal was required. As well as being able to send text messages, you can also enjoy the benefits of being able to send and receive images, videos, audio, links, articles, online content and you’re able to set up group chats, enabling you to share content with several users at the same time. You can find the latest version to download and updates below.


For iPhone users: iOS download

For Android phone user: Android download

Installing the WhatsApp application on your smartphone or tablet is easy when you follow this step-by-step guide:

Step 1 – Open your respective app store on your smartphone or tablet, for example, Google Play, iTunes App Store…

Step 2 – In the search bar in your App Store, type ‘WhatsApp’ and press Search

Step 3 – Select the WhatsApp page from the results and tap the download/install button on the screen

Step 4 – Click through the options to install the application, as you would normally install an app

Step 5 – Once you have downloaded the app, locate the WhatsApp icon on the menu screen of your device

Step 6 – Open the application and follow through the registration screens, inputting your required personal information including your phone number and your name, as well as accepting the terms & conditions

Step 7 – Your WhatsApp account is set up and ready to use!


During the first year of service, WhatsApp was completely free to all users. After this year, there was a set-up charge to all users, new and existing, of $0.89, which was mandatory for the service. The service charge was short-lived and nowadays the WhatsApp service is free to all users across the world. Additional services, such as premium add-ons, wallpapers and other paid extras are also available.


Available Operating Systems:

iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Symbian

Size: The WhatsApp file size can vary from one operating system to the next, depending on version and update size. However, the file size will sit between 6MB (Windows Phone) and 16MB (iOS) but can sometimes exceed this due to updates and cache.

Versions Available (Last updated 3rd June 2017):

iOS: 2.17.22

Android: 2.17.212

Blackberry: 2.16.89

Blackberry 10: 2.16.89

Windows Phone:

Symbian: 2.16.57


There are several tricks and tips to use when using WhatsApp that can streamline the way you use the app and can also be extremely useful.

  • If you require to send a message from one person to another but the users are in a separate chat, you don’t have to go through the process of repeating yourself, simply click on Page>Chat and then select ‘Spread Message’ from the menus.
  • When you share pictures and videos through WhatsApp, not only are these files stored within the applications, that can also be saved directly to your device’s memory automatically for later use. To activate this option, tap Settings > Chat Settings and click the ‘Auto-Save Files’ options.
  • If you are experiencing communication with an individual you do not wish to speak with, you can block them, stopping any future communication. You can block a user by clicking Settings > Chat Settings and then select the ‘Block User’ option.
  • If you’re in the process of deleting old conversations but would like to recover one for whatever reason, this is completely possible. To recover deleted conversations, uninstall the WhatsApp application, re-install using the install method above and you will be given the option to recover your message history. To recover your history, select ‘Yes’.
  • WhatsApp allows you to send your conversations via email. To achieve this on an Android device, press and hold the chat you wish to send and select the ‘Send by Email’ option. You will also be given the option to ‘Attach Files’ to send alongside these documents.
  • For iOS devices, slide your finger across the chatbox you wish to send and select ‘More’. A menu will open where you have t opportunity to ‘Send by Mail’.
  • On a Windows Phone device, open the conversation you wish to send and click the three dots that are visible in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. Follow the menu by clicking ‘Group Information’ and press the three dots key again. You will then be given the option to ‘Send by Email’.
  • To back-up your important messages manually (there is already an automatic backup feature) there are a couple of techniques depending on the device. For Android and iOS devices, simply click Settings > Chat Settings > Save Conversations.
  • On a Windows device, click the three dots button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen and click ‘Chat Settings’. In the menu that appears, click ‘Backup’.
  • For privacy reasons, WhatsApp also gives you the ability to ‘hide’ conversations. This is commonly known as ‘Archiving’. To activate this option on an Android device, simply hold down your finger on the conversation you wish to hide and click ‘Archive Conversation’ on the menu that appears.
  • On an iOS device, slide your finger along the conversation you wish to hide and select the ‘Archive’ option.
  • WhatsApp has a built-in feature that shows when a message has been read by another person in the form of blue or grey ticks. To read a message without the other person having seen that you have, simply read the message in the notification bar of your device, leaving the message closed and ‘unread’, allowing you to maintain your privacy!
  • One of the most recent features to be added to the WhatsApp feature list is the ability to delete messages in a conversation thread, even after they have been sent. This currently a test feature but will be rolled out to all devices over the next year. Simply hold down the message you wish to ‘Revoke’ and it will delete it from the chat, a fantastic feature for those who have sent a message and instantly regretted it. However, this feature will only work if the recipient has yet to read the message.


Available Features

  • The ability to send and receive text messages and emojis
  • Send and receive picture and video files
  • Send and receive voice messages
  • Share your real-time location
  • Share your WhatsApp or Device contacts
  • Make phone calls without having to use contract minutes
  • Security options to secure your contacts, pictures and status
  • The ability to disable the confirmation of reading received messages and last connection dates and times
  • Customise the background of each individual conversation screen
  • Update your phone number without having to uninstall the application
  • Disable all sound notifications if required

Desired Features

  • The ability to make video calls using front and rear facing cameras on compatible devices
  • Add contacts to your phone directly through the WhatsApp application
  • The ability to ‘like’ visual media that has been received through the application



  • The application is renowned for being universal, with the ability to communicate seamlessly across devices and operating systems
  • WhatsApp is renowned for being incredibly simple to use. It can automatically link to your contacts list and social media accounts to source contacts and has an incredibly simple interface
  • Multi-function application. WhatsApp gives you the ability to send photos, videos, voice clips, location, contacts, links, social media links and much more.


  • For some devices in a select few countries, there is still a €0.89 fee, usually considered the biggest cons of the application.
  • On some devices, such as Android, there are still some updates in progress concerning privacy and security, although this is quickly being addressed.
  • WhatsApp gives the users the ability to see when their messages have been sent by using a double tick system which shows up blue when the message has been read. This has been known to be a highly controversial feature, although there is the option to disable it.
  • WhatsApp can cause several memory-related features on devices with low amounts of available memory. This is due to the face the application downloads and store message information backs up previous messages and downloads received multimedia.


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